staff diane

Diane McCain - Office Manager

A veteran at AHW, Diane keeps her finger on the pulse of the business as our office manager. She has been here since the doors opened in 1997 and is integral in day-to-day operation of the business. She has many critters in her care! Her dogs, Doogie and Wiley, have both passed their Canine Good Citizenship Tests and Wiley has titled in Rally. She also has horses, a donkey, a cat, and birds! She keeps busy with their care and other animal-related activities.

staff sis

Annette "Sis" Tobin - Receptionist

Sis is another one of our awesome veterans here at AHW. She has been involved in the veterinary field for almost 40 years and she's been with us since 1997. She has a house full of animals, which includes two dogs, two horses, and a family that keeps her busy! As an avid outdoors-woman, she enjoys hunting and fishing and has raised her sons through the 4-H program with dairy cattle.

staff stacy

Stacy Gladitz - Receptionist

Stacy began working with us in August of 2014. She graduated from Fort LeBoeuf High School and has worked multiple other jobs within Waterford ~ she's our social butterfly! We could play the game "Six Degrees of Stacy Gladitz"! At home, she enjoys time with her husband, two daughters, one son, one dog (Rebel), and two cats (Sassy & Hopscotch). When she's not working with us, she enjoys watching her kids in all their different sports, is an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and really enjoys the little bit of relaxation time she gets!

Vikkie Silva 1

Vikkie Silva - Certified Veterinary Technician

Vikkie was born and raised in the Erie area. She graduated from Mercyhurst College and worked in the advertising industry for 10 years. During that time she was a client of ours and volunteered with small animal rescue. In 2012 she opted to change careers and began working for us after graduating from veterinary technician school in Denver. She has two dogs (Clover & Ghillie) and two cats (Remy & Hazel; both were bottle-fed as kittens.) When she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband as they travel, search for beachglass, and garden.

staff kendra

Kendra Alcorn - Veterinary Technician

Kendra completed an internship with us in 2015. We were impressed with her skills, so after she graduated from the Veterinary Technician Institute in Pittsburgh and gained some work experience, we added her to our team in 2016. She chose her career path due to previously working in a stable and having a life-long love of animals. She lives with her fiance and their Basset Hound, Benelli. She enjoys camping, four-wheeling and spending time with her loved ones.

staff destiny

Destiny Betts - Veterinary Technician

Destiny joined the AHW team during the Summer of 2018. She is a lifelong resident of Cambridge Springs who grew up showing cows and pigs in the 4-H program. She graduated from Great Lakes Institute of Technology’s Veterinary Assistant program and has aspirations of owning a goat farm someday! Destiny and her husband have one dog (Leila) and two cats (Trip & Primrose). When she isn’t working, she enjoys kayaking, shopping, and hiking.

Kelly Kinsinger 1

Kelly Kinsinger - Certified Veterinary Technician

Kelly interned with us during the summer of 2019, through her schooling at IMBC, and we hired her into our team afterward! She has many years of experience in the restaurant/service industry and decided to combine her love of animals with her customer service skills. As an Erie County native, she grew up with many dogs on her family’s chicken farm at Lake Pleasant. When she began working for us, she moved her two children (Naomi & AJ), two dogs (Maya & Sadie), and three cats to Waterford. Kelly loves spending her free time with her kiddos and relaxing outdoors.

emily Hulings 1

Emily Hulings - Veterinary Technician

Emily joined our team in July of 2020 and brought three years of professional technician experience. Her interest in the veterinary field began when she was given the chance to help feed dairy cows and their calves one summer. That led to an overwhelming need to help care for animals of all species and helped determine her career path. Emily’s time outside of work involves loving on her canine "stepkids" (Mia & Goliath), occasionally floating down a river, and hanging out with friends and family!

Bree Valerio 1

Bree Valerio - Veterinary Technician

We brought Bree into the AHW family in December of 2020. She had previously worked as a veterinary technician, but tried a path in human medicine after graduating from Mercyhurst University. Having loved being around animals since she was a small child, though, she quickly realized she missed the veterinary field. Bree loves being able to witness the bond between people and their pets and appreciates helping them through every aspect of their care. She and her husband, Josh, have two Golden Retrievers (Benny & Burt) at home that they enjoy taking on walks and swims - especially at Presque Isle! They also enjoy camping and spending time with family.

staff mariah v2

Mariah Ashton - Veterinary Technician

Mariah grew up surrounded by animals, knowing that she wanted to work in the veterinary field in some capacity. She moved across the state, to Erie, in 2007 and attended veterinary assistant school. Her experience includes three years of work as a stablehand and veterinary technician work since 2010. Mariah has three children, four dogs, nine cats, two horses, five fish, and a partridge in a pear tree. (ok, there’s no partridge) In her free time she enjoys reading, running, sports, and generally spending time outdoors!


staff holly

Holly Hunter - Veterinary Technician

Holly is a graduate of Edinboro University, and has been with our office since 2005. Her love for animals has led her several different directions in the animal industry. She has taken on Nutritional Consulting with Purina ProPlan and, in 2013, she also began working part-time at our local Pet Emergency Center. She stays busy with her husband, Scott, by going to the beach, golfing, seeing concerts, and -of course- cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers! At home, she has three cats (Geno, Ellie, & Monday - she might be our crazy cat lady!) and one dog (Clark).

staff autumn v2

Autumn Burkett - Veterinary Assistant

Autumn has been with us since the summer of 2014. Her family had been bringing their pets to us for years and when they learned we were hiring, they sent her our way! She has a background in pet product retail services and has been a great addition to our office! She has four dogs and two cats. In her free time (which she doesn't have much of - she has multiple jobs!) she enjoys sleeping, shopping, watching movies, and fishing.

staff brittni v2

Brittni Farrell - Receptionist

Brittni was here for an appointment with her cats one day when she heard we were looking for a new receptionist. Lucky for us, we were able to hire her and she began working at our hospital in June of 2016. She graduated from Edinboro University with a degree in Social Services. She has two Bengal cats, Thea and Axyl, whom she loves and adores.

Katrina Kreider 1

Katrina Kreider - Veterinary Assistant

Katrina has had an interest in veterinary work since Dr. Bell visited her second grade classroom and gave a talk about animal care. She completed a "shadow" experience at our hospital as a high school student and asked all the right questions. We hired her as an assistant in July of 2019. She lives with family and their three dogs (Bruno, Nala, & Tucker). She keeps busy with schoolwork, but also enjoys volunteering at the Erie Zoo, reading, being with family and friends, and working outside.

Taylor klick 1

Taylor Klick - Veterinary Assistant

Taylor began working with us in September of 2020, while still in high school. She has always wanted to work with animals and has worked hard in school, so when her family mentioned to us that she was interested in a job, we got her into the AHW team! She has previous experience working at a horse barn where she helped care for the horses and maintain their stalls. She currently lives at home with her family, their two dogs (Copper & Gus), and two cats (Nala & Timon). Outside of work, Taylor enjoys playing basketball, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.

Clay Bell 1

Clay Bell - Veterinary Assistant

You may recognize Clay as Dr. Bell’s oldest son! He has helped out around the hospital for quite awhile, but began working part time with us during the summer of 2020. He is currently a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. When he is at home, in Waterford, he shares the house with his family and their two pets, Mudge & Shadow. When he finds a bit of free time, he likes to go fly fishing, play sports, and be outdoors.

chase bell 1

Chase Bell - Veterinary Assistant

Chase is a high school student currently applying to college in the medical field. He has many hobbies including photography, soccer, pole vaulting, cinematography, and hunting & fishing with his family. He has a Jack Russell Terrier and a cat that he enjoys spending time with. In her prime, he loved pheasant hunting with Mudge, the Jack Russell Terrier. You can usually find him with family and friends in the great outdoors.

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